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Lake County Paternity Attorney

Establishing paternity is a very important step for fathers and mothers alike. Under Florida law, if the parents are not married when the child is born, the father has no formal rights. Even if the mother and father are living together, until the father acknowledges his paternity, his parental rights will not be recognized. In addition, an unmarried mother is not entitled to receive child support until paternity is formally established. In either of these situations, your attorney must help you understand your rights and responsibilities, while forming a sound plan of action.

Helping Mothers And Fathers In Paternity Actions

I am Lake County paternity lawyer Robyn Hudson of Robyn A. Hudson, P.A. Based in Tavares, my law firm represents mothers and fathers in all types of paternity situations. In many cases I handle, the mother and father lived together when the child was born, but now they live apart. Whatever your case involves, I will provide candid guidance and knowledgeable counsel.

Paternity proceedings can involve a number of different issues. If the man agrees that he is the biological father of the child, establishing paternity through filing a Petition to Establish Paternity is usually a straightforward matter. In other situations, however, a man may contest paternity. In these instances, DNA testing may be required to prove or disprove paternity. In either situation, my law firm will take effective action.

Once paternity has been established, I can help you develop a parenting plan, a time-sharing schedule and a child support order. I can also assist you in other issues such as determining who will pay for the child's health insurance.

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